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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Clickety clackety ... we're bonding

Are you a tweeter?
I woke up this morning to the joyous sounds of Claudette gakking up her insides in some undisclosed location. That's always a nice way to start the day.

So I dragged myself out of the flannel sheets and went through the morning routine of filling her food dish (so she could, you know, do it again), turning up the heat and then scouting out all the usual locations ... the library, living room, hallway, dining room ... nada. Damn. That means when I least expect it later today I'm bound to slip on it and have even more mess to clean up or else another time soon I'll just stub my toe on petrified cat gak.

Thanks, Claudette.

It wasn't my intention to talk about cat gak today. It was just top of mind.

I'm sorry for not posting yesterday. Once again, I ran out of time in the morning and then after work I zipped down to Ann Arbor to get Lizz. And instead of going to some gastronomically amazing, but amazingly high-priced, place for dinner, Lizz treated me to baked macaroni and cheese, green beans and brownies in her apartment. What a treat! And then we drove home, unloaded the car, got into our jammies, jumped into my bed, pulled out our laptops and proceeded to bond.

In the old days, this would have meant pulling out whatever books we were reading at the time. We still do that, too. As I'm reading along, I snort when I come across something funny or ridiculous or whatever. If it's profound or thought-provoking, it might be a "hmmmm" or a "huh."

Lizz: "ye-es?"

Me: "ba!"

Lizz: "OK. Now you gotta share."

And I read her a sentence or a passage and we discuss and then we go back to enjoying our individual reading material until one of us produces some noise that brings us back together again. Usually it's me.

So this is what we did last night, only we were both checking and responding to e-mails - clicketyclacketyclicketyclackety - "Oh!" I'd say as I remembered something I'd wanted to share. 

And I'd interrupt her clicketyclacketing.  How does she ever live without me while at school?

I commented that I had a new follower on Twitter. I showed her my Twitter page (@NancyJustWrite). I'd avoided Twitter for a long time even though I'd set up an account long ago, I only recently started tweeting. Lizz is not a tweeter. But I showed her the people and organizations I was following.

Clickety clackety.

Then I remembered that Kay sent me a link to this funny site the other day ... it reminded me of My Milk Toof and a little of The Oatmeal and maybe a little of Rhymes With Orange. I'd made a mental note that I wanted to share it with Lizz so I said, "You have to check this out!"

And together we clicked on over to Hyperboleandahalf and proceeded to snort and guffaw as we read the main page stories together and then clicked on all the other little boxes, snorting and sniffling at all the funny bits. 

Just like old times. The reading, the sharing, the being together goes on until my eyes glaze over and I begin to feel the pumpkin time come. At which point, Lizz takes my reading material and turns off the lights and tucks me in and goes upstairs to her own cozy bed.

Clickety clackety snooze ...

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